Jonathan Fryer

Jonathan Fryer, M.AIRAH

ISECO Engineering Services
Fundamentals: Refrigeration systems pipe sizing – general methods and good practice 

This training session will cover basic, recommended pipe-sizing methods, starting from a simple layout sketch and working through sample calculation and sizing methods for CO2, NH3 and secondary refrigerant glycol systems.

Jonathan will use commonly available software and pressure-loss charts and tables from ASHRAE and AIRAH’s DA16 manual. Some typical dos and don’ts will also be discussed to aid good practice and reduced energy usage.
About Jonathan Fryer:
Jonathan is a director of ISECO Engineering Services and has more than 30 years’ experience with industrial and commercial refrigeration and specialist services design. His initial experience with piping systems design was with fire protection systems, which then led to chilled water, steam compressed air systems, and then onto refrigeration industrial and commercial systems. Jonathan’s particular interest is in the application of natural refrigerant solutions wherever possible.