Hesam Semsarilar

Hesam Semsarilar, Affil.AIRAH

University of South Australia
Fundamentals: Refrigeration component selection

This session will cover the main components of refrigeration systems and link them to the pressure enthalpy diagram. The components to be covered include: compressors (screw compressors, reciprocating compressors and scroll compressors); condenser; expansion device (metering device); evaporator (plate heat exchangers and coil heat exchangers); vessels (receiver, accumulator); and ancillary components (oil separator and drier).

Hesam will go through each category of the components and explain how the basic specification of the target system leads to selection of individual components. He will demonstrate examples of selections through a variety of manufacturers’ freely available software. For each component he will cover key factors to consider. In addition to the main components, the ancillary components that are essential for the stable and durable operation of a refrigeration system will be covered, including the key considerations for their selection.

Hesam will then take a look at component controls and instrumentation and will explain how the control system interfaces with the mechanical components in a refrigeration system. He will provide examples of a few commonly used instruments.

About Hesam Semsarilar:
Hesam is a mechanical engineer with a background in the field of industrial automation and robotics. His role as a senior research engineer at the University of South Australia has involved working closely with Glaciem Cooling Technologies in the field of commercial refrigeration, and developing customised CO2 solutions that are often integrated with thermal storage for maximum utilisation of renewable energies. Recently, Hesam has taken part in the installation and commissioning of a 1MW CO2 heat pump with supplementary cooling coupled with 4MWh of thermal energy storage at the Montague Apples processing plant in Narre Warren, Victoria.