Doug Herkess

Douglas Herkess

SCM REF Australia Pty Ltd
Coolroom and freezer design principles and optimisation

Aimed at small to medium enterprises, this session will provide an overview of design principles in common coolroom/freezer room applications. Coolroom design options including load variability, usage, lighting configurations and insulation choices will be covered to define how coolroom design can be optimised.

Along with the demonstration of heat load calculations, information will be provided on selection of equipment to maximise efficiency and/or reliability. Important detail will be shared with specific selections that deliver star rated applications as defined by DA12 and specifically how this can assist an end-user meeting the requirements associated with the VEU (Victorian Energy Upgrade) specifications.

About Doug Herkess:
Doug Herkess is the Commercial Sales Engineer for SCM REF Australia and has been with the company for more than 17 years in various sales and engineering roles. He is responsible for the “application” training of staff and customers on CO2 systems and has led the delivery of this training to more than 300 technicians.  With more than 25 years’ experience in the HVAC&R industry, Herkess has knowledge across most segments of refrigeration, from industrial to light commercial. He holds a national certificate in mechanical engineering and advanced trade certificates in refrigeration and air conditioning.