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Andrew Pang, AM.AIRAH

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Fundamentals: Pressure enthalpy

The pressure enthalpy is a useful tool not only for explaining and understanding refrigeration cycles, but also for analysing the performance of refrigeration systems. It can predict refrigeration system conditions, such as the pressure and temperature for the refrigerant at various locations within the system. It can also be used to demonstrate the effects of system changes to these conditions.

About Andrew Pang:
Andrew has been a full-time consultant in the refrigeration and air conditioning field for the past 20 years. Previously, he was a lecturer in the same field at RMIT University for 27 years. 

Andrew is a presenter of refrigeration and air conditioning courses such as Essentials of Air Conditioning, Industrial Refrigeration Plants Operation, Industrial Refrigeration Plants Optimisation, and Ammonia Awareness and Emergency Response for AIRAH. He is also a mentor for young engineers in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.