Alemu Tiruneh Alemu

Dr Alemu Tiruneh Alemu, M.AIRAH

Glaciem Cooling Technologies
Natural refrigerant solutions for industrial heating and cooling demand: making an informed choice

This paper presents a comparison of CO2 and ammonia heat pumps for different large-scale applications.

As many industries require hot water at 80°C to 90°C and chilled water or glycol at -4°C to -8°C simultaneously, a comparison has been performed between CO2 and ammonia heat pumps providing simultaneous heating and cooling. The feasibility highly depends on the water inlet temperature.

Some industries also require hot air above 75°C for drying and dehumidification. Performance of CO2 and ammonia heat pumps are compared for different design air temperature. CO2 heat pumps outperform ammonia heat pumps for no heat recovery.

About Dr Alemu Tiruneh Alemu:
Dr Alemu Tiruneh Alemu has been a senior HVAC&R engineer at Glaciem Cooling Technologies since 2020. He is a mechanical engineer by profession. Dr Alemu has specialised in characterising and streamlining the thermodynamics of complex refrigeration and heat pump systems. He is especially passionate about working on the modelling and design of heat pump systems based on natural refrigerants.

Before joining Glaciem, Dr Alemu was a teaching and research academic at the University of South Australia. He has been teaching and researching in the field of sustainable energy engineering for more than 15 years.