Call for speakers

AIRAH’s Refrigeration 2020 Conference will be held in Melbourne from March 23–24. 

The conference committee is now calling for speakers on an array of subjects, including but not limited to:
  • Renewable energies and the refrigeration industry
  • Energy efficiency and sustainability 
  • Energy efficiency of low-GWP, synthetic refrigerants
  • Energy performance benchmarking 
  • Integration of air conditioning and refrigeration technologies
  • The Australian and international HFC phase-down 
  • Future thinking – the path towards carbon neutrality by 2050
  • Legislation/standards/licensing/training – developments in Australia and internationally
  • Tertiary training in refrigeration and allied disciplines in Australia
  • Environmental impacts of synthetic, low-GWP refrigerants
  • Re-use and recycling of refrigerants – environmental benefits/the importance of meeting standards
  • Risk management associated with the use of flammable refrigerants
  • Refrigeration in the cold chain
  • Low-GWP, synthetic refrigerants
  • Ammonia
  • Transcritical CO2 systems and the Australian climate
  • Air as a refrigerant
  • Water as a refrigerant
  • Natural refrigerant blends
  • Heat pumps
  • Thermal energy storage
  • Refrigerant inventory reduction
  • Case studies on projects 
  • Latest refrigeration research 
  • Suggest a site visit, workshop or panel session
All submissions must include:
  • A 300-word abstract
  • A 100-word condensed abstract
  • A 100-word biography 
  • A high-resolution author photo.

If a speaker's application is successful, presenters are required to submit a technical paper and PowerPoint presentation before the Refrigeration Conference. The conference committee has the final say on accepted technical papers and presentations. 

Technical papers and presentations must not contain overtly commercial material. Please do not include trade names in titles. 

Presentations will be 25 minutes in length, including question and answers. Submissions should be emailed to AIRAH’s Conference and Events Coordinator by Friday, September 20, 2019.