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Hiring overseas technicians in response to local skill shortages

Hiring qualified installation and service technicians in the current employment market can be a challenge. There are issues with both candidate quality and quantity. Traditionally, there was a steady pipeline of trade-certified technicians available, however, the “pipeline” appears to be drying up for a number of reasons. Hiring qualified technicians already working in the industry by advertising on job boards like SEEK or by reaching out to passive candidates (aka headhunting) often results in disappointing outcomes. This challenge will only intensify as the industry grows.
In response, we are seeing companies in this industry try different approaches. For example, some companies are sourcing technicians from other trades such as electrical and plumbing and then getting the individuals certified once onboard. 
While most business owners would prefer to hire technicians locally, one alternative sourcing strategy to replace or supplement hiring efforts is to hire appropriately qualified candidates from overseas via business sponsorship. There are costs involved, but also multiple benefits that make for a very strong business case and should certainly be considered.

About Swift
Swift is an experienced independent HR business partner working with business owners on an as-required/on-demand basis. After a long corporate career in human resources, Swift established his own business in 2015. Since then, he has been providing broad HR support to various clients in a range of industries. Services include recruitment (now solely focused on hiring HVAC&R technicians from overseas), dispute resolution and the implementation of HR policies, procedures and systems. For business sponsorship work, Swift partners with an experienced immigration agent to deliver a professional and seamless service.