Thomas Lund (Denmark)

Danfoss Industrial Refrigeration 

Energy efficiency of industrial-size refrigeration systems

Across the industry, varying claims are made regarding the efficiency of different types of industrial refrigeration systems, often with conflicting conclusions. In some cases, the conclusions are based on measurements of existing installations; however, the inherent differences in system design, installation, maintenance and operation of these systems affect the result. Furthermore, calculations of system performance often involve estimating the real or perceived benefits and drawbacks of the different system types – and this estimation regularly reflects the viewpoint of the person performing the calculation. 

This keynote presentation will review how and why Danfoss has tried to perform more accurate calculations of system performance by defining rules for sizing components (such as air coolers) and applying these to all systems equally. 
Selected test systems were:
1. Transcritical R744 system with DX operation
2. Transcritical R744 system with flooded operation
3. Two-stage R717 system with flooded operation
4. R744/R717 cascade system with flooded operation
5. Two-stage R507 system with flooded operation.

This presentation will compare the power consumption results across configurations, sizes and geographical locations and discuss the implications of the different design rules.

About Lund
After graduating from the Technology University of Denmark, Lund was employed at Sabroe/YORK Refrigeration in the marine segment, developing and designing systems and components. His work involved the development of a 1.3MW R744/R717 cascade system with hot-gas defrosting for a Norwegian fishing trawler – a first of its kind. 

Subsequently, Lund worked at the Danish Technological Institute researching and developing refrigeration until 2008, where CoolPartners was founded. At CoolPartners he worked as a consultant in industrial refrigeration, mainly in energy efficiency, system optimisation and pollution prevention. Lund helped to develop a range of products to collect and purge water, air and oil from the system for better energy efficiency. 

Since 2017 he has been employed at Danfoss Industrial Refrigeration in Kolding, Denmark, as a Global Application Specialist.