Dario Ferlin, M.AIRAH
Yan Gu, Affil.AIRAH

Dario Ferlin, M.AIRAH and Yan Gu, Affil.AIRAH

Sustainability and integration initiatives that are driving supermarket change

This presentation will offer an overview of integration initiatives in two Woolworths stores around air conditioning and space heating with the transcritical CO2 refrigeration system. This will include an update of the energy benchmarking that Ferlin delivered at the Refrigeration 2019 Conference. It will also provide an update on the non-refrigeration sustainability initiatives that are being implemented to achieve an overview sustainability plan.

About Ferlin:
Ferlin entered the refrigeration industry in 2001, collaborating on the first transcritical CO2 projects being piloted in Europe. He later relocated back to Australia, where he now works at Woolworths as the company’s innovations engineer. 


About Gu:
Gu has a PhD degree in Refrigeration and Cryogenics Engineering from Shanghai Jiaotong University. She entered the refrigeration industry in 2012 as an R&D senior engineer for Carrier (China), working on product development for subcritical CO2 systems and showcases for food retail in China. In 2019, Gu moved to Sydney to work for Woolworths in the role of showcase engineer. She is focused on developing showcase specifications, driving improvements, and deploying best practices of showcase application.