Christian Kempe

Christian Kempe

Alfa Laval

Reliable and safe R744/R717 cascade heat exchanger

The refrigeration industry has seen a growing interest in using CO2 as a secondary media combined with ammonia in cascade applications. High-pressure levels of CO2 combined with cyclic loads create a challenge for the CO2/ammonia cascade heat exchangers, mainly related to pressure and thermal fatigue. 

This presentation covers how the semi-welded plate heat exchanger (SWPHE) technology can be used in this application. Offering a high thermal efficiency, SWPHE technology can be used to minimise the risk of thermal and mechanical fatigue, thereby minimising the risk of CO2 and ammonia intermixing. 

About Kempe
Kempe holds a Master of Science in mechanical engineering from Lund University in Sweden. His professional experience includes working in multi-technology HVAC&R contracting companies in Norway. He has also worked as a research and development engineer for a brazed-plate heat exchanger manufacturer, driving technology development for the refrigeration, HVAC, machinery and manufacturing industries.

Since 2013, he has worked as a product and application expert at Alfa Laval within the unit refrigeration sector, specialising in semi-welded and brazed-plate heat exchangers for industrial and commercial refrigeration using natural refrigerants.