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Keynote: Thomas Lund
Energy efficiency of industrial-size refrigeration systems
Keynote: Bruce Nelson, M.AIRAH
Energy efficiency and natural refrigerants – is this as good as it gets?


Peter Brodribb

Best Practice Guide for Energy Efficient Walk-in Cold Rooms

Michael Elstrom
Michael Elstrom
New vapour-quality sensor technologies optimise evaporator performance, especially during part load on both DX, flooded and pump-circulation systems
Kylie Farrelley

Title TBC

Dario Ferlin, M.AIRAH

Sustainability and integration initiatives that are driving supermarket change

Julian Hudson, M.AIRAH
CO2 : HVAC applications in commercial buildings

Stefan Jensen, F.AIRAH
Best-practice energy performance benchmarking for refrigerated warehouses
Robert Kebby
Robert Kebby
The transition towards HFO refrigerants in refrigeration and air conditioning
Christian Kempe
Christian Kempe
Reliable and safe R744/R717 cascade heat exchanger

Sergiy Kolinchuk
Sergiy Kolinchuk
State-of-the-art CO2 refrigeration systems with integrated HVAC functions
Graeme Marr
Graeme Marr
High-temperature NH3 heat pumps and beyond

Gemma McGrory
Gemma McGrory
Accessing financial incentives for energy-efficient installs

Frank Mendham
Dr Frank Mendham
Flammable refrigerant systems: a fire explosion risk perspective

Mike Nolan
Mike Nolan, M.AIRAH
Natural refrigerants and energy efficiency: lowering the cost of refrigerated warehousing
Tony Swift
Hiring overseas technicians in response to local skill shortages

Rob Paul
Rob Paul
High-temperature NH3 heat pumps and beyond

Hesam Semsarilar
Hesam Semsarilar
Use of CO2 as a volatile heat-transfer fluid in thermal energy storage
Cameron Stanley
Fostering the future of HVAC&R – Industry linked research opportunities at RMIT

PANEL: The global warming crisis - Bringing the refrigeration and HVAC industries together

Chair: Julian Hudson, M.AIRAH, Glaciem Cooling Technologies
Panel members to be announced shortly

This panel session will discuss: 
- The global warming crisis
- Refrigerants and energy efficiency
- The R22 phase-out
- The challenges of natural solutions in commercial buildings

PANEL: Heat pump applications in the refrigeration industry

Chair: Jonathan Fryer, M.AIRAH, ISECO Engineering Services
Panel members to be announced shortly

PANEL: Refrigeration end-users

This panel will discuss the present and future of the industry, skill shortages and career opportunities. What the key organisations doing to the address the phase-down, skill shortages + more.
Panel members to be announced shortly

PANEL: Issues from the field - contractors session

Chair - Rene Le Miere, Affil.AIRAH, SuperCool Asia-Pacific

This sessions will expand on the 2019 contractors panel, looking at the issues faced by the small to medium contractors that work within the HVAC&R industry. This panel will discuss:
- The concerns of the contractors at the cold face
- Flammable refrigerant training
- Licensing 
- Refrigerant reclaim
- Training at TAFE
- Training via industry suppliers.