Due to the coronavirus pandemic, AIRAH has suspended Refrigeration 2020, originally scheduled to take place in Melbourne, March 23–24. Please click here to read more on this decision. We are also working with a number of our members to provide the latest information relating to questions around COVID-19 and HVAC&R. 

We are currently working to confirm new dates for Refrigeration 2020, as well as updated speaker information. Check back soon as more details are announced.


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Keynote: Thomas Lund
Energy efficiency of industrial-size refrigeration systems
Keynote: Bruce Nelson, M.AIRAH
Energy efficiency and natural refrigerants – is this as good as it gets?


Peter Brodribb

Best Practice Guide for Energy Efficient Walk-in Cold Rooms

Michael Elstrom
Michael Elstrom
New vapour-quality sensor technologies optimise evaporator performance, especially during part load on both DX, flooded and pump-circulation systems
Kylie Farrelley

Risks and responsibilities when transitioning to low-GWP refrigerants

Dario Ferlin, M.AIRAH

Sustainability and integration initiatives that are driving supermarket change

Julian Hudson, M.AIRAH
CO2 : HVAC applications in commercial buildings

Stefan Jensen, F.AIRAH
Best-practice energy performance benchmarking for refrigerated warehouses
Robert Kebby
Robert Kebby
The transition towards HFO refrigerants in refrigeration and air conditioning
Christian Kempe
Christian Kempe
Reliable and safe R744/R717 cascade heat exchanger

Sergiy Kolinchuk
Sergiy Kolinchuk
State-of-the-art CO2 refrigeration systems with integrated HVAC functions
Graeme Marr
Graeme Marr
High-temperature NH3 heat pumps and beyond

Gemma McGrory
Gemma McGrory
Accessing financial incentives for energy-efficient installs

Frank Mendham
Dr Frank Mendham
Flammable refrigerant systems: a fire explosion risk perspective

Mike Nolan
Mike Nolan, M.AIRAH
Natural refrigerants and energy efficiency: lowering the cost of refrigerated warehousing
Tony Swift
Hiring overseas technicians in response to local skill shortages

Rob Paul
Rob Paul
High-temperature NH3 heat pumps and beyond

Hesam Semsarilar
Hesam Semsarilar
Use of CO2 as a volatile heat-transfer fluid in thermal energy storage
Cameron Stanley
Fostering the future of HVAC&R – Industry linked research opportunities at RMIT

PANEL: The global warming crisis - Bringing the refrigeration and HVAC industries together

Chair: Julian Hudson, M.AIRAH, Glaciem Cooling Technologies
Panel members to be announced shortly

This panel session will discuss: 
- The global warming crisis
- Refrigerants and energy efficiency
- The R22 phase-out
- The challenges of natural solutions in commercial buildings

PANEL: Heat pump applications in the refrigeration industry

Chair: Jonathan Fryer, M.AIRAH, ISECO Engineering Services
Panel members to be announced shortly

PANEL: Refrigeration end-users

This panel will discuss the present and future of the industry, skill shortages and career opportunities. What the key organisations doing to the address the phase-down, skill shortages + more.
Edward Brandt
Dario Ferlin, M.AIRAH
Jannie Howard
Mike Nolan

PANEL: Issues from the field - contractors session

Chair - Rene Le Miere, Affil.AIRAH, SuperCool Asia-Pacific

This sessions will expand on the 2019 contractors panel, looking at the issues faced by the small to medium contractors that work within the HVAC&R industry. This panel will discuss:
- The concerns of the contractors at the cold face
- Flammable refrigerant training
- Licensing 
- Refrigerant reclaim
- Training at TAFE
- Training via industry suppliers.