Yale Carden, M.AIRAH
GeoExchange Australia

Is the humble heat pump the unifying force in a disrupted HVAC sector?

Over the past 170 years, the heat pump has gone from concept to a central role in modern life. With respect to the current HVAC industry, heat pumps are utilised in a wide range of applications including human comfort, cold storage, aquatic centres, industrial processes and agriculture. 

In celebrating 100 years of AIRAH, it is natural to look ahead at the macro trends that will shape the industry for the next 100 years. These include reduced demand loads, the use of local and renewable thermal sources, electrification, centralisation, thermal storage, natural refrigerants and IT, whether it be smart controls, IoT or AI. In exploring each of these more closely, it becomes evident that the humble heat pump plays an increasingly important unifying role. 

This presentation begins by outlining the current status of heat pumps in the local industry. It will then explore the role of the heat pump in these trends and provide insights to current technology and market development activities. Lastly, a range of academic and industry case studies will be presented to demonstrate the unifying role of heat pumps in a future HVAC industry.

About Carden

Carden is the founder and managing director of GeoExchange Australia. He has 20 years of experience in the sustainability sector, the past 13 of which have been specifically in heat pump systems. A member and certified installer with the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association, Yale advises the public and private sector across the Asia-Pacific.