Paul Stoller, M.AIRAH

Atelier Ten
Zero carbon buildings: The future is now! So what do I do?

With the imminent release of the next-generation Green Star tool in late 2020, achieving zero carbon buildings will become mandatory for certified building projects and operations – some at first; all in the next few years. With leading cities exploring zero carbon development requirements, and major building owners and tenants targeting and beginning to achieve zero carbon operations, zero carbon buildings are about to become business as usual for much of the HVAC industry. 

The intended audience of this talk are HVAC professionals who have not yet worked on zero carbon projects and need a refresher on basic terminology, definitions, design approach, operational requirements, equipment needs, and delivery responsibilities. 

This talk will answer the questions, “What is a zero carbon building?” and “How does the HVAC industry get buildings to zero carbon?”

About Stoller

Stoller is Managing Director of Atelier Ten’s Australian office and global leader of its benchmarking practice. He is recognised for his environmental planning and design consulting work on large-scale campus, community, and urban projects. Stoller has expertise in building physics and façade optimisation, high-performance buildings, and resilient design.

Stoller’s leadership in environmental design has been recognised by the US Green Building Council, who named him a LEED Fellow in 2013. He has taught environmental design at the UTS School of Architecture and environmental design and building services at the Yale School of Architecture. He continues to serve as a visiting lecturer and environmental design consultant for the Rural Studio at Auburn University. In 2019, Stoller was appointed to the NSW Government Architect’s State Design Review Panel.