Dr Paul Bannister, F.AIRAH

Potential impact of evaporative cooling technologies on Australian office buildings

Bannister will summarise work investigating the potential for a range of evaporative cooling technologies to reduce HVAC energy consumption for office buildings in Australia, undertaken as part of the PRIME Net Zero Energy HVAC Technology project. He will present the results of a preliminary simulation-based study of the potential energy efficiency benefits across the Australian climates. 

This preliminary study has indicated significant potential for evaporative technologies in less humid and cooler climates in particular. Bannister will explain that further work is required to understand the full potential of evaporative cooling technologies in more detail – particularly with respect to their application in other HVAC systems (especially those using higher supply air temperatures, such as underfloor systems) and other building types.

About Bannister

Dr Bannister is an energy efficiency consultant specialising in the energy efficiency of commercial buildings. He has amassed extensive experience in the energy efficiency upgrade of scores of buildings over a 33-year career in the energy sector in Australia and New Zealand, as well as extensive energy efficiency policy work. 

He is the primary technical author of the NABERS Energy and Water ratings, which have underpinned significant efficiency improvements in the Australian office market. Bannister has also been published in more than 100 publications in the field of energy use and the built environment.