Mikaila Ganado, M.AIRAH

GWA Consultants
Chifley Tower – From zero to hero with efficient HVAC design

Chifley Tower is a 42-storey landmark commercial office building in Sydney’s CBD. While visually impressive, the tower and podium were constructed in 1992 with little thought to an energy- efficient, sustainable envelope design. The building consists of full-height glazing on all façades, with full-length glazing on the high-rise eastern façade. In 2010, it had a NABERS rating of zero stars. 

Over the past decade, long-term commitment from multiple building managers and owners – paired with considerable buy-in from the base building consultants – has seen Chifley Tower undergo an extensive energy upgrade. A NABERS rating of 5 stars without green power was awarded in March 2020 – an impressive achievement for a building of this age and construction. The upgrade works have contributed to placing Chifley Tower in the premium class of Sydney’s CBD market.
About Ganado

Ganado is an Associate at GWA Consultants Australia, where she has been a consulting engineer in the HVAC sector for the past nine years. At GWA, Ganado specialises in finding niche solutions for existing buildings, focusing on efficiency and buildability. She has had a career spanning more than 15 years covering design, construction, site management and project management. 

A founding member and Chair of the Women of AIRAH STG, Ganado is the Associate Director of the AIRAH NSW Committee and an AIRAH Board member.