Michael Bellstedt

Refrigeration as a service

Refrigeration as a Service (RaaS), also known as Cooling as Service (CaaS), is a win-win-win solution for end-users, service providers and the environment. Not-for-profit organisations such as BASE and K-CEP are encouraging the uptake of this service to achieve greater application of clean and efficient cooling technologies.

Under RaaS, the refrigeration equipment is owned and maintained by a service provider who also pays for energy consumed, and the end-user pays for metered cooling output only. This aligns incentives for the service provider to install efficient and low-maintenance equipment, and optimise energy use and maintenance, while the end-user is incentivised to use cooling sparingly. The nett effect is a wise use of resources that benefits both parties in the arrangement commercially, and reduces energy use and other emissions.

Bellstedt will cover several real-life examples of RaaS implementation and discuss the practicalities both for the service provider and the end-user in switching to RaaS. 

He will also discuss how risk is managed for both parties by using a transparent pricing model and early contract termination clauses. The presentation will be valuable both for end-users keen to free up capital and reduce management load and operating cost, and for current refrigeration contractors considering a switch to this business model as an alternative to the conventional install and maintain for profit model. 
About Bellstedt

Bellstedt is the CEO of the Minus40 Group of companies, which includes the exciting new IoT start-up company, Metis Monitoring, providing cutting-edge remote monitoring and predictive fault detection technology to the refrigeration and air conditioning industries. The Minus40 Group also includes the established refrigeration consulting firm Minus40 Engineers, well known for its services in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector. Bellstedt is a frequent public speaker and educator in these and related areas and recently conducted a series of refrigeration masterclasses in Victoria. Minus40 has helped many companies across Australia reduce their energy bills by improving the energy efficiency of their existing heating and cooling systems, and advises companies on the best technical and commercial options for new installations.