Jim Hardy

The good, the bad, the ugly: Rapid tech adoption in FSM

While ground-breaking digital solutions change the HVAC industry, and businesses rush to join the advances of the 21st century, a new question is emerging.

Are we leaving people behind?

The field service landscape is changing in the era of digital natives and rapid tech adoption, but at what cost?

Jim Hardy will tackle the topic of field service technology and how it can overshadow the people on either side of the device. He will discuss why many HVAC service providers are falling victim to the technology blanket, losing sight of their employees and customers, and becoming consumed by the “all-in-one” nature of a solution.

According to Hardy, it is time to explore the human impact of “rapid adoption” on customer relationships and employee behaviour.

This presentation will discuss how to stop field service technology overshadowing the people on either side of a device. It will enable attendees to look holistically at the impact of technology on the humans behind, and in front of, their business. They will leave with new strategies to improve customer relationships, increase recurring revenue, and eradicate reclusive behaviour towards technology among staff.

About Hardy:

Hardy is the National Sales Manager of simPRO's Australian branch. As a leader of his team, his key focus in business management is on ensuring the success and satisfaction of his customers when employing new technologies.

An expert in strategy development, Hardy’s strengths are in advancing team culture and ensuring the success of solutions.