Ardeshir Mahdavi (Austria)

Department of Building Physics and Building Ecology, TU Wien
Towards user-centric radiant cooling solutions

The combined effects of global warming and urban heat islands have led to a rapid increase of cooling-related energy use. This has pointed to the need for innovative strategies and solutions for space cooling. 

Radiant cooling systems can represent a possible solution. However, the implementation of this technology requires careful consideration of multiple challenges, such as condensation risk. This presentation will discuss a number of alternative radiant cooling solutions, addressing the aforementioned challenges via implementations that: place radiant cooling terminals closer to occupants, and include features to accommodate surface condensation.

About Mahdavi

Mahdavi is the director of the Department of Building Physics and Building Ecology at TU Wien in Vienna, Austria. He has directed a number of internationally influential research efforts pertaining to building physics (thermal, visual, and acoustical performance; energy-efficient building design and operation); building performance simulation; building controls and diagnostics; building ecology; and human ecology. 

A frequent keynote speaker at different international conferences such as IBPSA, CLIMA, PLEA, BAUMSIM, and the BSA, Mahdavi is the recipient of the IBPSA Distinguished Achievement Award 2017.