Suzanne Toumbourou
Francesca Muskovic

Suzanne Toumbourou, Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council
Francesca Muskovic, Property Council of Australia 

A zero-carbon ready building code

Toumbourou and Muskovic will present research findings on energy efficiency opportunities for commercial buildings from Built to Perform: An industry led pathway to a zero-carbon-ready building code. The report is a research-industry collaboration jointly led by ASBEC and ClimateWorks Australia, aimed to prepare new buildings for the net zero-carbon environment. This includes evidence to support a transition plan to make the National Construction Code “zero-carbon ready”. 

This plan encourages industry to invest in new technology; design and construction practices by showing how energy requirements will change over time; and has informed the COAG Energy Council’s Trajectory for Low Energy Buildings national plan.

About Toumbourou:

Toumbourou is the Executive Director of the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC), a body of peak organisations committed to a vision of more sustainable, productive, and resilient buildings, communities, and cities. Her passion and expertise lie in communication, collaboration and an inclusive agenda for a sustainable Australia.


About Muskovic:

Coming soon.