Complete set of DA manuals

Complete set of DA manuals
Purchase a complete set of AIRAH's DA manuals and take advantage of our discounted bundle pricing. Typical individual DA manual pricing is $79–$110 (AIRAH members) or $229–$440 (non-members).

The set includes all of AIRAH's DA manuals: DA01 Centrifugal Pumps; DA02 Noise Control; DA03 Ductwork for Air Conditioning; DA04 Air System Balancing – in HVAC; DA05 Guide to Fire and Smoke Control in Buildings using AS 1668 Part 1; DA06 Guide to Fire, Smoke and Air Dampers using AS 1682 Parts 1 & 2; DA07 Criteria for Moisture Control Design Analysis; DA08 HVAC&R – An Introduction; DA09 Air Conditioning Load Estimation; DA11 Steam and Condensate; DA12 Energy Efficiency in Cold Rooms; DA13 Fans; DA15 Air Filters and Cleaning Devices; DA16 Air Conditioning Water Piping; DA17 Cooling Towers; DA18 Water Treatment; DA19 HVAC&R Maintenance; DA20 Humid Tropical Air Conditioning; DA21 Ammonia Refrigeration; DA24 Hydronic System Balancing – in HVAC; DA26 Indoor Air Quality; DA27 Building Commissioning; DA28 Building Management and Control Systems (BMCS); and DA29 Evaporative Air Cooling Systems.

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