2020 Building Physics Forum recordings
2020 Building Physics Forum recordings
AIRAH is offering recordings of the Building Physics Virtual Forum 2020, which was held as a virtual event on Thursday, September 17. The Forum focused on air movement, thermal performance and the control of moisture across building envelopes.

  • Keynote address: Build tight and ventilate right. It'll be OK. – Max Sherman (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
  • Mould growth in the Australian built environment – Arianna Brambilla (The University of Sydney)
  • Look up at that roof, is it a kinky European thing? Is it an over-exaggerated American thing? No, it’s above sheathing ventilation! – Jesse Clarke, M.AIRAH (Pro Clima)
  • From STEM to STEAM – the art of building physics – Johanna Trickett (Norman Disney & Young)
  • Hyenath: A hygrothermal simulation extension to Chenath – Tim Law, Affil.AIRAH (Victoria University
  • Condensation risk in flame zone roofs as per AS3959 – Mark Davis (Mark Davis Design)
  • Structural thermal breaks – the primary types, material choices, and do we really need to put them in? – James de Salis, Affil.AIRAH (LAROS Technologies)
  • Simulated performance of continuous ventilation systems in residential buildings in relation to the NCC 2019 condensation management requirements – Joel Seagren, M.AIRAH (Fantech) and Arjun Adhikari, M.AIRAH (Thermal Environmental)
  • Are our homes designed for a modern world? – Samantha Anderson (Inhabit Group)
  • Impacts of negatively pressured buildings – Jeremy Stamkos, M.AIRAH (Eronmor)

More information about the speakers and their presentations is available here.

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