March 2020


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An ARBSolute must
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ARBS 2020 moves into Melbourne this May, attracting the who’s who of the HVAC&R and building services industries. Sean McGowan looks at the major drawcards, and why this year’s exhibition has already broken records.

Best-paid trade
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Our industry often bemoans the difficulty of attracting talent, but perhaps we aren’t making enough of one of its biggest drawcards: the money. Willow Aliento looks at whether fridgies really are the best-paid trades in Australia. 

Skills Workshop: Corrosion and asset protection
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This Skills Workshop provides a step-by-step explanation and analysis of how HVAC&R equipment is affected by corrosion in heat exchanger coils. It looks at how this impacts on efficiency and how it can be prevented in new units or stopped in existing units.  

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