December and January 2020


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The XX factor
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Despite efforts to attract more women into the HVAC&R industry, the overwhelming majority of workers are still male. Willow Aliento talks to women and men in our sector who share a passion for building a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Fire in the hole
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Fire and smoke walls help protect buildings and their occupants. But as Sean McGowan reports, the improper penetration of these walls for services can render them ineffective, and even increase the unpredictability of fire and smoke spread. 

Skills Workshop: EC motors for HVAC&R Fans
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EC motors, also known as BLDC motors (brushless DC), BLPM motors (brushless permanent magnet), are electronically commutated permanent magnet brushless DC motors and are from the external rotor motor family. This Skills Workshop explains how they work and the benefits they offer.  

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