September 2017


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The roll-out continues
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Despite the widespread adoption of R32 by most leading air conditioning manufacturers of splits and smaller systems, misgivings continue to exist at the industry’s grassroots level around flammability issues. 

Levelling the playing field 
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Numerous studies have shown that diversity in the workplace can lead to a more successful business. Although the Australian HVAC&R industry is a great example of cultural diversity at work, we lag behind others when it comes to gender diversity.

Skills Workshop: Variable head-pressure control and variable inter-stage pressure control 
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Variable head-pressure control and variable inter-stage pressure control (VIPC) are strategies which aim to improve a plant’s energy efficiency by optimising both the head pressure and the intermediate-stage (inter-stage) pressure of the refrigeration plant, based on instantaneous plant load and ambient conditions. This strategy can result in plant-energy savings of up 12 per cent. 


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