May 2017


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Road tripping
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As we edge closer to winter, the climate control dials in our cars are moving from low temperatures and high fan speeds to something a little warmer. HVAC&R Nation’s Sean McGowan reached out to Ford’s Sandy Fragapane to find out just how different automotive air conditioning is to that in the built environment. 

Box office success
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A major redevelopment of Adelaide’s Palace Nova cinema complex includes an innovative HVAC system design that has reduced the load on the mechanical services switchboard from 250 amps to just 84.

Skills Workshop: Update on new refrigerants designations and safety classifications
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Curated by ASHRAE and UN Environment, the purpose of this month’s Skills Workshop is to provide an update on ASHRAE standards for refrigerants. The factsheet introduces the new refrigerants that have entered the international market and been awarded an «R» number over the past few years. 


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