August 2017


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Harnessing hydrocarbon 
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The use of hydrocarbons in refrigeration is becoming more commonplace as operators look to replace synthetic refrigerants with low global-warming potential alternatives. As Sean McGowan reports, a contract winery in Western Australia has realised electrical energy savings of 32 per cent through a hydrocarbon refrigerant conversion of its liquid chiller. 

Image is everything 
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How often have you told someone you work in the HVAC&R industry, and they look at you with a blank stare? The industry’s profile – or lack thereof – is just one reason why we continue to face a skills shortage.

Skills Workshop: 104 Electrode vs resistive steam humidifiers 
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Electrode and resistive are the two main types of electric steam humidifier an HVAC&R contractor will buy and install. From a contractor’s perspective, the main considerations when selecting a unit are often purchase cost and ease of installation. For a customer or end-user, the initial cost is also important, but so are on-going operating costs and maintenance requirements. 


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