November 2016




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The main event
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As the weather heats up, so too does the Australian events calendar. From Melbourne’s Spring Carnival, to Perth’s Fringe World Festival in Januar y, and the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix in March – there is plenty to get excited about. Cool Breeze Rentals’ Jeff Bernard explains the growing role of portable air conditioning at major events.

Skills Workshop: Refrigerant leaks – causes, cures and prevention
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Refrigerant leaks are one of the most widespread mechanical problems in the HVAC&R industry. In this month’s Skills Workshop, we give you an overview of corrosion and how it can be cured and prevented.

Below ground, above par 
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A major development on a former golf course in the western suburbs of Sydney is set to feature the largest residential geothermal installation in the Southern Hemisphere. Sean McGowan reports on the Australian technology that is expected to reduce cooling and heating energy costs by over 60 per cent.


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