March 2016





WA's mid-west medics
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An educational facilit y that aims to improve rural, remote and Aboriginal health by promoting rural health careers has been redeveloped to meet the growing needs of the mid-west region of Western Australia.

Skills Workshop: Fire safety - kitchen hood exhaust systems 
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Given the presence of heat and high fuel loads, fires in kitchens are not uncommon. However, when the incident extends into the mechanical exhaust system, safety risks and building impacts can rapidly escalate, sometimes resulting in devastating and widespread damage. In the first of a two-part bulletin, Skills Workshop will discuss and address the special fire risks inherent in commercial kitchen ventilation systems and offer best-practice approaches to take in order to minimise the risks.

ARBS preview 
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It only comes around once every two years, but ARBS is without a doubt the biggest event on the air conditioning, refrigeration and building ser vices calendar. Here’s a preview of what to expect in 2016.


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