July 2016




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When the worst happens
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No one ever wants to think about it happening to us, but burying your head in the sand pretending that workplace deaths do not occur is not the answer. Sean McGowan reports on the processes you should have in place to keep you and your employees safe, and what to expect should the worst happen.

Skills Workshop: HVAC&R optimisation - variable head-pressure control for water-cooled condensers  
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This month, HVAC&R Nation look into the optimisation strategy of applying variable speed drive (VSD) controllers to pumps for head pressure control of single water-cooled direct expansion (DX) units. 

Our best on show 
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Who said face-to-face communication was dead? The ARBS 2016 exhibition in Melbourne proved that regardless of the influence of social media and the internet, nothing beats the opportunity to network with peers and colleagues from around the country and across the world. 

Fresh-faced fridgie's first-place finish 
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The 2016 Worldskills Australia National Refrigeration Competition saw Queensland’s Nathan McHugh take on nine of the finest refrigeration apprentices in the country and prove himself as the nation’s best. Following his winning performance, McHugh caught up with HVAC&R Nation to chat about his life-changing experience and how the competition rewarded him with more than just a shiny gold medal. 


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