September 2016




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A 'shroom of their own
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An aging glycol temperature-control system critical in the cultivation of mushrooms has been replaced with an innovative glycol-ammonia dry cooler combination to deliver significant operational savings and production-cycle improvements.

Skills Workshop: Developing a gas measurement and monitoring plan 
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Gas is an important energy source and significant cost for many organisations throughout Australia. The diversity of uses and equipment involved can make gas consumption difficult and expensive to measure and monitor. However, by having a clear set of goals and understanding gas use, you can develop a targeted and cost-effective plan to manage it.

Pacific perspective 
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Beginning as an apprentice in Newcastle, Michael Moller’s love for the open water led him across the South Pacific, where he has helped local tradesmen formalise their refrigeration and air conditioning qualifications. Moller shares his journey and explains how Australia is helping its counterparts in the Pacific Island nations.


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