June 2016





A day in the life of
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Sean McGowan spent a day with the technicians charged with the task of looking after the air conditioning of Australia’s largest shopping centre. This is the first in a series of articles looking at the integral role our industry plays in daily life.

Skills Workshop: HVAC&R optimisation - Demand control ventilation strategies 
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This month, HVAC&R Nation delves into demand control ventilation (DCV) – a control and optimisation strategy that modulates the volume exchange of fresh or outside air into an enclosed space by mechanical air conditioning equipment. DCV impacts overall building sustainability through influences on the total and peak energy consumption of the HVAC system and in indoor air quality.

The air in there 
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The problems associated with the presence of gases in heating, cooling and condenser water systems are significant yet of ten overlooked. And alarmingly, new installations are just as much at risk as older systems. HVAC&R Nation takes a look at the issues of deaeration.


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