February 2016





Balwyn calling
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An iconic suburban wine cellar in Melbourne’s east has transformed itself into a foodie’s paradise. Sean McGowan reports on the project that turned an antiquated supermarket into an energy-efficient destination store that has been future-proofed for years to come.

Skills Workshop: HVAC&R optimisation - Temperature reset 
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To kick off 2016, we will continue our look at the key strategies for optimising control parameters used to control individual plant within HVAC systems. This month, we delve into temperature reset strategies – whereby the temperature (or grade) of thermal energy is dynamically adjusted (or reset) to minimise the energy consumption of HVAC equipment.

New year outlook 
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What to make of 2016? Af ter saying goodbye to yet another 12 months of political change and economic uncertaint y, HVAC&R Nation invited some of the industry’s leading manufacturers to share their thoughts and predictions on the year ahead. And as they explained to Sean McGowan, we’re in for a mixed bag.


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