Ceire Kenny

Emissions hiding in plain sight: Embodied carbon in building services

Until now, the focus for building services has been on reducing operational emissions. But according to the World Green Building Council, embodied emissions will be responsible for half of the entire carbon footprint of new construction between now and 2050. So what can we do to address this?

Lendlease has an ambitious Mission Zero target, and building services embodied carbon is a vital part of it. Ceire will look at:
  • Why embodied carbon of building services is important
  • How Lendlease is measuring embodied carbon, the major data gaps at a product and whole of building level, and the plan to close that gap
  • The key materials in building services and the decarbonisation strategies for those materials
  • What conversations developers should be having with their supply chain and the wider industry to drive change.

About Ceire Kenny:
Ceire Kenny works at Lendlease as a Sustainable Futures consultant and provides internal life cycle assessment and embodied carbon advice to the business at crucial decision-making stages. She is currently involved in numerous life cycle assessment projects across several building typologies and a variety of structural types in four different countries. She has completed a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management and Chemistry from University of New South Wales and has several years of experience in the industry. She is also a certified Life Cycle Assessment Practitioner (LCACP) on the Australian Life Cycle Assessment Society registry.