Dr Melissa Marot

Human factors and COVID-19: Navigating change, managing risk and reducing exposure

There are many challenges and opportunities for professionals who manage the indoor environment; understanding human factors is critical to support clients, stakeholders and the public, as people return to work and school in public buildings/settings. 

In this session, Dr Marot will explore evidence-based practice and methods in understanding human factors in a protracted crisis. She will also look at how this informs risk management and can build confidence for people to gather indoors as part of this return to public settings. 

About Dr Marot:

Dr Marot has many years of experience working with people and organisations across the health sector, tech start-ups, international disaster recovery, emergency services, defence, public sector and a broad range of private sector organisations. She brings contributions from organisational psychology and neuropsychology.

This experience and expertise has given Dr Marot a deep understanding of human factors during a long-term crisis, the pandemic and its transition to endemic. This knowledge will be vital as we emerge from our “bubbles”, and society opens up again.