Mark Langdon, Affil.AIRAH
Calibre Professional Services One

Case Study: Assisi Catholic College

Assisi Catholic College is one of Australia’s most sustainable schools – designed and built with passive ventilation principles in mind. However, with rapid development and subsequent competition from nearby schools, infrastructure-constrained Assisi needed costly electrical upgrades for the increased power demands of air conditioning the campus. An energy master plan was undertaken to ensure any upgrade would align with Laudato Si – the Pope’s Encyclical focused on using the earth’s natural resources – and would balance existing capital constraints with future operating costs, and on-site generation with on-site consumption.

The solution was a balance between geothermal and VRF, with geothermal being utilised across 50 per cent of campus.

About Langdon:
Langdon has been working in geothermal for over a decade and has over 20 years’ experience within the property and construction industries. He is one of the pioneers of the Australian geothermal industry and is recognised as a leading specialist in Australia. 

Langdon joined Calibre in April 2020 to establish a business unit directed at the delivery of sustainable solutions to the built environment.