Brett Beeson

Energy monitoring for the masses: Why your next install should have live energy monitoring

Energy monitoring of HVAC systems is old hat for high-end installs – think fancy BMS, chillers, etc. It has also been expensive and complex to implement. This has recently changed, however, and newer systems with functional user interfaces and dozens of sensors are available at a reasonable price – think a few thousand dollars, rather than tens of thousands. 

Beeson will explain how to incorporate these monitors into a design or installation, and how to act on the data.

The design section of the presentation will focus on understanding the power reticulation (warning: a single line diagram will be displayed, briefly), what “level” to monitor at, and how to specify a system that will be useful to the users. 

The install section will focus on clamping the right cables with the right sensors (hint: harder than it looks). A suggested testing regime will also be provided to highlight errors. As Beeson will explain, overlooking this leads to “garbage in”, and hence “garbage out” at the interface.

The usage section will cover data privacy, data storage, visualisation packages, and targeting specific users. Most importantly Beeson will discuss how to act on the data. Recent research findings on user interface trends, user switch-off, "alerting" and "digest" methods will also be shared.

About Beeson: 
Beeson is a senior mechanical and environmentally sustainable design (ESD) engineer working at LCI in Brisbane. He has been in the industry for 12 years and holds degrees in mechanical engineering and computer science.

Beeson is a guest lecturer and tutor at The University of Queensland (UQ). His recent projects include completing several ESD projects at UQ and for a new hospital.