Prof. Mathew Aitchison
Building 4.0 CRC

In this talk, Prof. Mathew Aitchison will discuss Building 4.0 CRC, of which he is CEO. As part of a wider transformation effort, Building 4.0 CRC proposes to bring together two main elements to innovate in the building industry. The first is a continuation and deepening of the processes of industrialisation — effectively the transformation of building away from a construction logic towards a manufacturing logic. The second seeks to leverage the new technologies and processes that have been presented by the Fourth Industrial Age, to aid and even accelerate this transformation process.

About Aitchison:
Before his secondment to the role of Building 4.0 CRC CEO, Aitchison was Professor of Architecture at Monash University, where he led the bid and establishment phases of the CRC and directed the Future Building Initiative. Prior to that he was Professor of Architecture at the University of Sydney and Director of the Innovation in Applied Design Lab (IAD Lab). He is a researcher, teacher and designer with extensive international experience. Leading up to his current role at Building 4.0 CRC, Aitchison directed a series of large, collaborative research projects exploring industrialised building funded by industry and government.