Call for speakers

AIRAH is now calling for speakers for the Future of HVAC 2019 conference to present on an array of subjects that look to the future, including but not limited to: 

  • Advances in building and HVAC design 
    • Resilience for HVAC systems
    • HVAC systems for resilient buildings
    • Achieving healthy buildings and HVAC’s role
    • Adaptive comfort environments and HVAC
    • Modular construction and prefabrication – HVAC impacts and opportunities
    • Future approaches to design, installation and commissioning
    • The impact of advanced façade designs on HVAC
    • BIM, digitisation and HVAC
    • Building simulation
    • Changes in building use and workplace design – adaptive reuse, agile working environments and flexible workplaces
    • Whole-of-life sustainable HVAC

  • Innovations in HVAC equipment 
    • New refrigerants and equipment
    • Natural refrigerants and equipment 
    • New building automation and control technologies 
    • New air handling methodologies including energy reclaim
    • Innovative application of existing technology – refurbishment, extension of life, new things with old technology

  • HVAC and energy management 
    • HVAC’s role in demand response
    • Data analytics and HVAC system performance
    • Future of power generation and HVAC implications 
    • Building physics
    • Thermal storage
    • Microgrids, PV, batteries and HVAC
    • Solar HVAC
    • District heating and cooling

  • HVAC ownership operation and management 
    • How machine learning might work in the future and affect the HVAC industry
    • Data analytics, cloud services, IoT, digital twinning, artificial intelligence – what does an information rich future mean for HVAC?
    • Data driven asset management and new maintenance approaches

  • Changes in national and international regulations – heading towards net-zero 
    • COP21 – how do we get there and HVAC’s role?
    • NCC 2019 Section J – new energy efficiency provisions and the impacts on building and HVAC design
    • Sustainability benchmarking tools – driving design outcomes, behavioural change, aligning goals
    • Global refrigerant phase-out programs and the implications for HVAC
    • MEPS changes

  • HVAC industry 
    • HVAC education and training, needs, issues and innovation
    • Project management and improved project delivery methods, IPD

  • HVAC research 
    • Innovative research projects
    • HVAC R&D in Australia – a health check

  • Innovative HVAC design projects
    • Innovative HVAC installation projects
    • Innovative HVAC maintenance approaches

  • Changes in building use – agile working environments and flexible workplaces

  • Suggest a site visit, or panel session. 

All submissions must include: 
  • A 300-word presentation overview
  • A 100-word condensed presentation overview
  • A 100-word biography 
  • A high-resolution presenter photo. 

If a speaker's application is successful, presenters are required to submit a technical paper and PowerPoint presentation prior to the conference. The conference committee has the final say on accepted presentations. 

Technical papers and presentations must not contain overtly commercial material. Please do not include trade names in titles. 

Presentations will be 25 minutes in length, including question and answers. Submissions should be emailed to AIRAH’s Conference and Events Coordinator by Friday, April 5.