Andreas Havenstein

Case Study: Doha Metro Project in Qatar - Airtightness testing of complex and large buildings

Using the example of the Doha Metro Project in Qatar, Havenstein will discuss why the airtightness of a building is one of the most important keys to success in building construction. Striving to achieve the designed performance of the HVAC systems sharpened his view to an even deeper interdisciplinary approach regarding the building shell. It also demonstrated that airtightness testing in complex and large buildings can be a challenging process. Havenstein will share his experience and the lessons learnt across all project stages, from the tender to overall planning, architectural and HVAC design, construction, and the selection of an appropriate airtightness testing company and sufficient testing equipment.  

About Havenstein:
Havenstein is an engineer from Germany who has been working for 40 years as a senior manager for MEP design and engineering. He gained his experience in Europe, Africa, and Asia in large and medium-size international construction projects. In his last role as HVAC Expert, Havenstein represented his client on a large infrastructural project in the Middle East – the Doha Metro Project in Qatar until 2020. His role included technical advice and review of design, construction, and testing and commissioning of HVAC systems for all 37 metro stations.