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AIRAH regularly schedules new Streamline webinars. Join us for these targeted online learning opportunities for the HVAC&R building services industry.

These webinars are free for AIRAH members and provide you with the opportunity to earn CPD hours. Non-members are asked to pay a small registration fee, unless otherwise noted. For bulk ticket purchasing options, please email [email protected]

The webinars also feature a live Q&A session (time permitting) with our presenter(s).

We invite you to find details on these events below and reserve your spot. Following registration and prior to the webinar date, you will be sent access instructions and a link.

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AIRAH's Streamline sessions typically run for one hour, with start times as follows (unless otherwise noted).

From April 2, 2023 to
Oct 1, 2023
(Standard Time)
ACT, NSW, Qld, Tas, Vic
12.30pm AEST
12noon ACST
10.30am AWST

From Oct 1, 2023
(Daylight Saving Time)
ACT, NSW, Tas, Vic
12.30pm AEDT
12noon ACDT
11.30am AEST
11am ACST
9.30am AWST

Note: AIRAH Streamline sessions are free for AIRAH members to attend. Please log in to your AIRAH member account prior to registering. For non-members, there is a small registration fee (unless otherwise noted) that must be paid prior to the date of the webinar. If payment is not received, AIRAH is unable to grant access to the live session. 


Thursday, October 5

HVAC Decarbonisation – Application of Hot Water Electrification

To attain a high level of efficiency in delivering building services with minimal emissions, incorporating electric, renewable, and low-emission technologies is paramount. Among these strategies, the electrification of heating stands out as a crucial component in decarbonisation efforts.

Effective utilisation of capital and the efficient operation of electric hot water systems, using refrigeration technology, serves as a practical means to achieve this decarbonisation goal. It is imperative to possess a comprehensive understanding of the functioning, application and design nuances associated with air and water source heat pumps, as well as heat recovery systems. This knowledge is vital to ensure design objectives can be realised.

This webinar serves as a platform to delve into the fundamental principles of these technologies and details the critical considerations for their application. By doing so, it not only assists in maximising return on investment but also ensures that the design goals for efficient electric hot water systems are constantly achieved.

This session is presented by: 

  • Mark Maclean(LinkedIn), National Product Manager – Applied, Daikin

Supported by:


Thursday, October 26

Canberra is electrifying!

Canberra is targeting full electrification by 2045, thus pioneering Australia’s efforts towards heading for carbon neutrality. Reducing fossil fuel gas emissions- currently estimated at 20% of the ACT emissions, of which a significant proportion is from the Built Environment, is firmly within the targets of the ACT IEP. ESBS is currently carrying out a pilot study for the ACT Government to identify ways of electrifying eight existing buildings. These include hotel complex, office, apartment blocks, residential care home and a school.

This webinar will cover the technology currently available, and the challenges including compliance with regulations, upgrading the power supplies, optimising selections and staging to reduce disruption and costs. This webinar follows a previous streamline webinar given by Lasath in November 2022 regarding Electrification.

This session is presented by: 


Continuing professional development (CPD)

In addition to these webinars being free for AIRAH members, you can also earn one CPD hour for each webinar you attend/watch.

For AIRAH members: Your attendance at the live session during the original broadcast time will automatically be logged in your CPD diary. If you watch the recording of a webinar, you must track this yourself to earn the CPD hour (subject to audit). For assistance or more information, please email [email protected]

AIRAH recommends members undertaken 50 hours of CPD each year. Maintaining CPD throughout your career is an important way to expand your knowledge, maintain up-to-date technical skills, and progress your HVAC&R career.

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AIRAH Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

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