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INDOOR AIR QUALITY SEMINAR • October 17–18, Sydney

Assessing and reducing exposure risk from airborne pathogens and other harmful bioaerosols in the built environment

Join AIRAH and IBEC for this two-day, in-depth seminar on indoor air quality featuring international speaker Kenneth F Martinez (Idaho National Laboratory) and Dr Claire Bird (Litmas Pty Ltd).

Day 1: Health effects associated with exposure to bioaerosols – airborne viruses, bacteria, and fungi/mould; monitoring for microorganisms in the built environment – sample location, sample collection methods, sample analysis choices, current and future trends in real-time measurement, data interpretation; understanding how site-based and laboratory-based risk assessment improves decision making.

Day 2: Remediation and risk mitigation of microbially contaminated environments including after outbreaks of infectious disease and mould; case studies demonstrating a risk-based approach to assessment and determining when a building is healthy.

Venue: Novotel Sydney Centre, 169-179 Thomas Street, Sydney, NSW 2000


  • Kenneth F Martinez, Chief Science Officer at the Integrated Bioscience and Built Environment Consortium (IBEC) and Senior Critical Infrastructure Analysts • LinkedIn
    Certified industrial hygienist and environmental engineer with experience in leading and conducting large-scale research; managing programs in occupational safety and health, and emergency response; and creating and teaching professional development courses. Brings 33 years of CDC expertise in the area of hazardous agent exposure characterisation and mitigation control practices in the manufacturing and healthcare industry.

    Recognised subject matter expert in biological agents including infectious disease and bioterrorism agents. Over a nine-year period for CDC, served in numerous emergency response field leadership roles including the World Trade Center collapse, anthrax, SARS, multi-drug resistant TB, hurricane emergency responses (Katrina and Wilma), and the Deep-Water Horizon oil spill.

  • Dr Claire Bird, Executive Director of IBEC and Managing Director at Litmas Pty Ltd • LinkedIn
    Dr Bird is a committed and driven scientist and business owner delivering healthier buildings through her research, commercial and academic laboratory management, training, and consulting background spanning 25 years. Claire completed a doctoral degree in bioaerosol detection and characterisation in 2004 before moving to Australia to establish the Environmental Technology Laboratory at Flinders University. Today, she is dedicated to delivery of established and cutting-edge microbial analytical products, processes, and services through her Australian-based business, Litmas. Claire has operated and managed some of Australia’s largest mould and water damage contamination projects, uniquely positioning her at the junction of scientific research and real-world application.

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