AIRAH in-house training

AIRAH’s in-house training provides companies with a focused opportunity to empower their employees. Your staff will benefit from a robust, dedicated training opportunity designed to meet your business goals.

Our in-house training is available for a number of our technical courses including Essential Safety Measures, Smoke Control and Fire Dampers, Building Ventilation, our ammonia refrigeration offerings, and more.

In-house training benefits:

Save time and money – employees will not be required to travel to a training centre for the course
Provide on-the-job experiences to help employees manage real-life situations
Keep professional development interesting with an engaging and interactive advantage
Take advantage of the flexibility of our in-house courses, built to suit your business' needs
Training fits your company/employee hours of availability
+  much more!

If you are interested in learning more – including information on availability and pricing – please contact us via [email protected] or on 03 8623 3000.

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