Why choose AIRAH for your HVAC&R education and training

AIRAH is Australia’s leading education and training provider for the HVAC&R building services industry.

There are many advantages to participating in our professional development courses and programs. Enrol today and …

Learn from the best

All our trainers actively work in the industry and have years of experience in the field. They support AIRAH in our offering of the most recent and relevant training programs for your career.

With limited class sizes and engaging delivery, you’ll receive firsthand knowledge from the people actively creating Australian Standards and leading industry best practices.

Choose options that fit your schedule/needs

Owing to our extensive experience in creating and scheduling seminars, courses, and programs for the HVAC&R industry, AIRAH offers robust delivery options suited to your schedule and training needs. This includes:

  • Face-to-face – In-person programs at selected locations/venues across Australia
  • Online – Interactive virtual programs
  • In-house – Courses tailored for workplace and employer requirements
Our training team can provide more information and assistance in finding or creating your ideal program of activity. Please email [email protected] to discuss.

Earn CPD

Throughout your working life, undertaking continuing professional development (CPD) is an important way to expand your knowledge, maintain up-to-date technical skills, and progress your HVAC&R building services career.

We provide opportunities throughout the year to engage in this activity, with the recommendation that AIRAH members undertake 50 hours of CPD each year across a variety of forms: technical, business, leadership, and personal. Importantly, this includes participation in professional development, workshops and training, and conferences/forums.

Explore the benefits of training with AIRAH

Engage in ongoing career progression

Ongoing training has become even more important with the introduction of compulsory registration schemes for engineers. As a professional engineer, you may be required to register individually as part of these schemes in order to provide engineering services. This generally involves demonstration of a minimum qualification, evidence of ongoing CPD, and/or a competency assessment.

Show your commitment

By successfully completing an AIRAH program or course, you will join a community of peers who are actively engaged in HVAC&R building services. You will also receive a certificate of completion, which can be shared to your network as proof of your commitment to your profession.

Benefit from AIRAH's reputation

From 2019–20, more than 850 people engaged with us for their HVAC&R building services training needs.

The Australian HVAC&R industry holds AIRAH in high regard as the representative body for professionals and practitioners across the sector. It’s why we have more than 4,200 members, welcome a number of Employer/Education Partners, and have strong working relationships with government, key partners, and international stakeholders.

What our students are saying:

“The course was excellent and covered all the expected topics, also allowing for plenty of conversation and Q&A. The presenter made it dynamic and entertaining from beginning to end. I really appreciated the honest replies and opinions.”

“An excellent, relevant HVAC&R course.”

“The presenter did a fantastic job in facilitating the course content while still holding discussions on people’s ad hoc questions. Very informative – I will attend more AIRAH courses.”

“I found the course very engaging. The instructor has done very well to present the material with such energy and enthusiasm. Much appreciated for the effort. I am grateful for the knowledge received.”

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