Module 1

Module 2 – Codes, Standards, and Rating Tools

About this module

This module aligns with current compliance and industry best-practice requirements for sustainable HVAC design and operation. It outlines the codes, standards, and rating tools generally applicable to sustainable HVAC design.

TOPIC 1 National Construction Code
Exploring the National Construction Code requirements related to HVAC design and operation.
TOPIC 2 Australian Standards and guides
Reviewing Australian Standards, other standards, and industry guidelines relating to HVAC design and operation.
TOPIC 3 Technical compliance pathways
Looking at compliance pathways to achieve the NCC Performance Requirements, via the Deemed to Satisfy (DTS) and/or Performance Solutions.
TOPIC 4 Industry rating tools
Discussing a number of industry rating tools and going over the requirements of NABERS Energy and Green Star, and their role in benchmarking the environmental performance of buildings.

The model reviews the National Construction Code (NCC) Volume 1 Building Code of Australia (BCA) Class 2 to Class 9 Buildings DTS requirements.

Australian Standards, other standards, industry guidelines, AIRAH Design Application (DA) manuals, and best-practice guides related to HVAC design are identified and reviewed to determine their impact on sustainability design and operation. The importance of compliance in the HVAC industry is discussed, along with methods of compliance, regulations, and certification.

This module looks at a number of the environmental rating tools used in today’s non-residential market, but primarily focuses on NABERS Energy and Green Star – currently the most common rating tools in use due to regulation and/or development approval processes for HVAC design and operation.

Learning outcomes

At the completion of this module, participants should be able to interpret and apply relevant HVAC codes and standards for sustainable HVAC design and operation. 

The specific learning outcomes covered in this module are:

  • NCC requirements and sections relevant to sustainable HVAC design and operation.
  • HVAC standards and guidelines applicable to HVAC design and operation.
  • Sustainability issues of applicable codes and standards.
  • Regulations and compliance requirements.
  • Strategies to ensure ongoing compliance with relevant codes and standards.
  • Industry rating schemes’ purpose and intent.
  • Key sustainability objectives of various rating schemes.

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