AIRAH's Professional Diploma in Building Services – HVAC&R


Since April 2021, over 350 students have undertaken the AIRAH accredited Professional Diploma in Building Services – HVAC&R.

Helping you to fast track your knowledge of HVAC&R in a flexible and supportive learning environment, the nine-month program was also named the Outstanding Industry Education/Training Awards at the ARBS 2020 Industry Awards.

Here is what some of our course participants have said about their experience:

AIRAH PDBS testimonials “Though challenging, this program provides extremely valuable learning material that is concise and easy to comprehend. The learning material is specifically aimed at addressing the fundamental skills required to be a competent and diligent HVAC&R professional. I highly recommend it to employers and individuals concerned about the widening skills gap. Our industry demands competent, diligent HVAC&R professionals who can correctly harness the power of technology to complement, rather than do, our designs. This Diploma ensures this demand will be met and the integrity of the profession retained – not retired.”

– Adrian Iacobucci, graduate mechanical services engineer at JBA Consulting Engineers
AIRAH PDBS testimonials “The wealth of knowledge obtained through the duration of the course was very rewarding. I learned about topics I had not yet experienced whilst working full-time. It’s good to know that I will have the understanding required when the time comes around to applying it to projects.”

– Andy Liu, mechanical engineer at Northrop Consulting Engineers
AIRAH PDBS testimonials “The AIRAH Professional Diploma in Building Services has been a terrific resource for greater understanding of the HVAC&R industry. It is full of information that bridges the gap between fundamental engineering knowledge and specific applications for HVAC&R engineering and building services.”

– Daniel Waack, mechanical engineer at A.G. Coombs
AIRAH PDBS testimonials “I have been able to utilise the knowledge gained from the AIRAH Professional Diploma in Building Services in my workplace, starting from design development to design reviews. This course has not only given me added confidence but also has allowed me to utilise my knowledge to deliver infrastructure projects effectively and more sustainably. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in starting their career in HVAC&R. It’s a great place to start!"

– Nithiya Mohan, A/G program manager at Australian Department of Health
AIRAH PDBS testimonials “The AIRAH Professional Diploma in Building Services directed my tertiary studies more specifically towards the HVAC&R industry. It has also given me the opportunity to learn from industry leaders and connect with other graduates like myself.”

– Jackson White, mechanical engineer at Edwards & Vickerman Consulting Engineers
AIRAH PDBS testimonials “The course is demanding but flexible, allowing you to progress through the 12 case studies assessments at your own pace. Each assessment has something unique to offer, enabling you to gain technical knowledge that can be applied immediately to your daily work. I found myself engaged throughout the entire course, from the initial site visit of a commercial building up to the submission of a complete scope of works documentation suitable for tendering. I appreciate the detailed feedback provided for every assessment from the experienced assessors. It offered me guidance on design processes and helped to reinforce my knowledge. To anyone thinking to start a career in building services, I highly recommend this course.”

– Omar Arquimedes Hostia Sotil, design engineer at Temperzone Australia


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