Summer 2021-22

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The haus wins
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With an ever-growing list of successful projects around the country, Passivhaus has proven to be as effective in Australian climates as elsewhere around the world. 
Very chill 

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A centralised dual-stage, low-charge NH3 refrigeration plant with batch blast freezing at a new refrigerated warehouse in Melbourne is believed to represent a world first.

Wooden it be good

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The use of cross-laminated timber (CLT) has been on the rise in Australia for a number of years, with a host of projects taking advantage of its versatility, sustainability and ease of construction.

Planning for carbon neutral in existing buildings

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This paper explores the role of optimisation of existing infrastructure, onsite renewable and non-renewable generation, hardware changes and energy-procurement activities in achieving carbon neutral status for a mixed-use building in Melbourne, with consideration to moving electricity and gas grid factors (cost and emissions) across 15 years.

By Grace Foo, M.AIRAH