May 2021

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The expansion
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Colloquially known as Jeff’s Shed, the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre has continued to grow in size and function ever since it first opened in 1996. As Sean McGowan reports, the latest extension has cemented the precinct as Australia’s most in-demand exhibition and event destination. 
Modern times 

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Digitisation, work/life balance and more contemporaneously, the COVID-19 pandemic, have all contributed to dramatic change in the traditional workplace.

Healthy alternatives

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As part of the i-Hub initiative, two “Living Labs” in Queensland are paving the way for more energy-efficient and effective hospitals and aged-care facilities.

Potential Impact of Evaporative Cooling Technologies on Australian Office Buildings

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This paper presents the results of a preliminary simulation-based study of the potential energy-efficiency benefits of a range of evaporative cooling technologies for Australian office buildings across the full range of Australian climates.

By Dr Paul Bannister, F.AIRAH, Hongsen Zhang, and Dr Stephen White, F.AIRAH