February–March 2021

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How to push the envelope
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Over the past decades, the US has transformed its approach to airtightness and ventilation. Building physics luminary Max Sherman talks to Sean Maxwell, AM.AIRAH, about the journey, and the lessons Australia could learn. 

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Just as the $2.7 billion Parramatta Square initiative reimagines Parramatta’s commercial and civic centre, the HVAC design of one of its flagship commercial office towers could have a similar transformational influence on our industry.

Earth angel

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Located in the pioneering eco residential community of Mullum Creek in Melbourne’s outer north-east, the award-winning Earth House features the high performance and build quality for which Passivhaus design is renowned.

Section J Case Study series: Verification method pathways

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This case study follows the story of a fictional new 1,500m2 office building development in Canberra seeking to determine which Performance Solution it should use to demonstrate compliance.

By Grace Foo, M.AIRAH

Section J Case Study series: Economy cycle and outside air control

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This case study will demonstrate the application of the new DtS provisions for a class 5 office building in in climate zones 2 and 6 of a fictional office building.

By Ken Thomson, M.AIRAH