August-September 2021

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King of cool
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The use of CO2 (R744) in refrigeration and air conditioning has traditionally been associated with supermarket and cold storage settings. But as Sean McGowan reports, a carbon dioxide system has proven to be the ideal solution for a South Australian cinema complex. 
Learning experience 

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Through its Living Laboratories, the i-Hub is investigating future‑friendly heating and cooling for Australian schools.

Does Big History have the big answers?

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How different might life in 50 years look like compared to today? Noriko Wynn crafts a glimpse of the future.

Out there

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A visionary group of locals have set out to make Lightning Ridge a world‑class tourism attraction, and the leading destination for opal‑related knowledge, training and experiences. As Sean McGowan reports, a new Australian Opal Centre will house an impressive opal and fossil collection, and shine a light on national treasures rarely seen by the public.

Best-Practice Energy Performance Benchmarking for Refrigerated Warehouses

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This paper explores best practice for Australian refrigerated warehouses, running the ruler over several plant concepts. A clear pattern emerges for low-charge NH3 systems.

By Stefan Jensen, F.AIRAH