April 2021

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Excellent adventure
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A new world-class facility in Melbourne has redefined specialist HVAC vocational education and training by simulating and replicating entire systems commonly found in today’s buildings. Sean McGowan explores the HVAC Centre of Excellence at Holmesglen’s Chadstone campus. 
Dirty deeds 

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Rammed earth is a time-honoured method used to provide buildings with thermal mass and thermal comfort while helping to reduce overall energy use. Ecolibrium editor Matt Dillon asked Dr Paul Bannister about the old-school tech, and whether it still has a place in the arsenal of the contemporary design engineer.

Let there be light

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Can ultraviolet light help limit the spread of COVID-19? Ecolibrium assembled a panel with diverse opinions to discuss UV-c technology in HVAC systems.

Propagation of droplets in an HVAC System

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This paper studies the propagation and distribution of water droplets typically generated by talking or more forcefully from a cough or a sneeze through a typical office and ventilation system. The specific purpose of the paper is to establish through the use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) the likelihood of droplets making their way from one room to another via a typical HVAC system.

By Simon Witts, M.AIRAH, and Sam Coleman